Sponsor a Virtual i-SATT:

  • The sponsorship entails a sponsorship payment (to be determined) as to create a customised Virtual i-SATT for you, your business or organisation (see 'Cyber Safety' example).

  • Your company logo and or web address will adorn the i-SATT which will be viewed everytime the i-SATT is visited (the amount of visits can be viewed on your specific ConstableKeystone.com i-SATT page).

  • Although Constable Keystone will be the constant authoritative Safety Character throughout each i-SATT, Kamytoons (the creator) can also utilise an existing corporate character to animate or Kamytoons can create one, all within the sponsorship payment (this excludes characters where licences are required or alternatively Kamytoons is given legal written consent for the use of). All cartoon characters will be of a humorous and fun nature. Your sponsorship payment is also Tax Deductible.

  • The sponsorship licence is for a period of two years with the option to continue the sponsorship for a further period to be determined (notification six months prior to expiry).

  • If you do not wish to continue sponsorship of the i-SATT and Corporate Animated Characters have been used they will be replaced and the i-SATT will be offered to another interested individual, business or organisation.

  • The i-SATT can take two to three months to build from the day of your sponsorship (depending on content) but your sponsorship won't take effect until the i-SATT is published to the web.

  • Please note all copyrights of characters created will remain with Kamytoons (the creator) with the option to licence (excluding already established corporate characters).

  • We unfortunately cannot supply an animation file of the i-SATT to use on yours or your company website due to the nature of the concept but you may add a link to ConstableKeystone.com from your website.

If you, your business or organisation would like more information about sponsoring an i-SATT, please complete the form opposite.

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