'The Constable Keystone Project' is headed up by Robert Stone.

Robert Stone has been in the advertising and graphic design business for over 30 years, being a tenacious and dedicated artist started his career as a sign writer and moving with the times made the natural progression into desk top publishing, digital sign/screen printing, board game graphics and web site/animation advertising and design.

Robert while living in the USA had worked with the ‘Capt. Keyo Safety Club for Children’ and was instrumental in the success of Capt. Keyo having a Puppet Show which toured Schools and Events throughout the state of Rhode Island and eventually its own TV Show and Safety Educational Games. Robert is also a Close Protection Officer who has protected Royalty and Television Celebrities and for past ten years has realised his vocation as a TV and Film actor working within Childrens Television, the CBBC and CITV (Robert Stone Actor: www.ARTechniques.com).

While observing the progress of technology over the past twenty years, Robert believes safety issues need to be addressed with a traditional approach applying a modern twist. Although many people have said that technology is a good thing but equally as many educators report it as bad due to the obscene and offensive content easily made available, but the fact is, it’s here to stay! . . . on the brighter side, using the tools of technology has given rise to the opportunity to educate a wider spectrum of children about old, current and future safety concerns.

Although safety is considered by young children as boring and uninviting and perhaps would rather play on their big brother’s game console where the child would be subjected to and involve using some sort of violent act, this should be a concern for all parents as a child will soak up this form of ‘education in play’ like a sponge and Robert believes that this is unacceptable.

Robert understands that technology plays a huge role in the development of a childs mind and he believes while their minds are most inquisitive between the ages of 4 to 7, safety education is fundamental and paramount.

Roberts belief and desire is to educate young children about safety in a fun and none frightening manner, embedding scenarios that may arise, giving a young mind the tools to be mentally equipped to handle any situation, there is nothing worse than a child not possessing the knowledge to steer them away from danger.

Using traditional methods such as specially designed safety educational board games for parents, teachers and guardians to play together with children, i-SATT applications for the gamer type child, puppet and live show characters touring the country and appearing at schools and venues not to just simply dance and sing about ‘rainbows’ but perform scenarios in a fun party type atmosphere dealing with a particular or variety of safety concerns (see Physical i-SATT). Eventually to have televised animated cartoons and finally 'The Constable Keystone TV Show'.

Robert envisages future safety characters and their friends across other nations spanning all languages and cultures. A cartoon safety character will be at the helm in each country, Constable Keystone in the UK, Capt. Keyo in the USA, Oberwachtmeister Schlüsselstein‘ in Germany‚ Capitán Dovela in Spain and so on.

constable keystone

Ford Big Deal Board Game - Artwork by Robert Stone

constable keystone

Beat the Recession Board Game - Designed and Created by Robert Stone

constable keystone

School Daze Board Game - Artwork by Robert Stone

constable keystone

Casino Board Game - Artwork by Robert Stone

constable keystone

Trains and Brains - Artwork by Robert Stone